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Receiver / Product Control

The receiver, product control person is responsible for maintaining proper operations of all aspects of inventory. This person will insure that inventory is received, tracked, stored and secured properly.

Include the following, other duties may be assigned:

Maintain responsibility for a written record of the inventory 
Establish and maintain par stock inventory 
Receive, count, weigh and ensure incoming shipments are as invoiced
Assist in unloading delivery trucks
Checking the quality and freshness of products, tracking deliveries
Ensure all storage and shipping receiving areas including walk in refrigeration areas are clean and organized
In rare instances assist with function furniture and setup that is stored in receiving areas.
Accountability in reporting over and under stocking of par level items to help aid in product loss and waste. Also reporting possible over or incorrect ordering concerns as to help aid in responsible budget control. This may include but not be limited to assisting in helping departments with proper par levels for ordering, or assisting with placing an order. Reviewing orders against invoices and assisting by coding and submitting invoices.

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